My Lessons
More than just a Homework-Help!




My tutoring lessons include ...


At the beginning


1 FREE Test-Lesson (try-out), including ...

- a personal interview to get to know each other (with the parents depending on age/school-year) 

 - first analysis of available knowledge


Duing further lessons:


- a good atmosphere! - The student should feel comfortable and not pressurized.

- the reprocessing of missing/required knowledge (this can be accomplished by repetition and exercises)

- raising a student's motivational level by increasing or improving his general understanding
(self-confidence often times comes along automatically with a better comprehension)

a favourible mix of written and oral English to make lessons the most effective

school topics always have priority of course







- learning with questionnaires and quizzes on paper or tablet (quizzes can also be done at any time on my website) 

- a continuous repetition of school topics, including basics, as well as evaluations (checks) of acquired knowledge in appropriate intervals to see a student's progress.


Very important ...
- a constant Feedback to you as a parent! 


What can the student bring in order to have a good and effective lesson?
A little bit of self-motivation :-) ... and if possible, all necessary material such as curent school books etc.


At the end

Hopefully a satisfied and happy student with more self-confidence, who was able to reach his aims in school and will also be able to apply his language skills beyond school requirements, especially in terms of speaking.


Any questions? - No Problem!, just contact me!



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